The Gospel of Judas

You may begin seeing "The Gospel of Judas" programs begin to pop up. It's validity has yet to be determined but it is a Gnostic Gospel.

The Gnostics believed that the world is evil and they seek the pursuit of mysticism or "special knowledge" (gnosis) as the central goal of life. They feel they are the only ones who know the "truth". The Gospel of Judas supposedly shows that Judas knew this truth and thus knew he had to have Jesus killed.

Zenit has put up an interview with a theologan about it.

Get the Interview Here!

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Andy said... 7:40 PM  

I saw that in the paper. It's a joke if you ask me. Simply reading through what the Gosepl of Judas claims is in complete contrast to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The Lord said there would be many false teachers and prophets in the end days. I pray that people will not be decieved by such things.

Audrey said... 2:39 AM  

But one thing that is worth pondering on...

A priest, during the homily, mentioned that the Gospel of Judas only confirms one important fact: Jesus chose death on the cross out of His own will, not by force. So I believe that, even though the claims were completely different from the other gospels, it still proves that Christ loved us even until death...

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