Smokes and Soda

Archbishop Sambi highlighted the global role of the United States and the U.S. church with an anecdote about when he was the Vatican representative to Indonesia several years ago.

One Christmas, he said, he decided to celebrate the feast with a visit to a small, remote, primitive village where "I could not drink the water" because he was not immune to local bacteria or viruses. Then a smoker, he also forgot to bring enough cigarettes with him.

When he arrived in the remote village, he said, in its street shops "I found Coca-Cola and Marlboros."

"I think the United States and the church of the United States has something more to bring to the world than Marlboros and Coca-Cola," he said.

Get the whole article from CNS.

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Trinity Sunday

We had a great homily tonight from Deacon Bill. He spoke of the Trinity. How it is how God chose to reveal Himself to us.

The best part came when he spoke of the sign of the cross. When we make the sign of the cross we begin:

"In the name of the Father..." and we touch our heads to ask for wisdom and understanding, and to acknowledge God as Our Father.

"In the name of the Son..." and we touch our heart, the symbol of love. And God is love. Jesus is the great lover of the whole world.

In the name of the Holy Spirit..." and we touch each shoulder, asking that our arms and hands to the works of the Lord.

We finish with an, "AMEN". Ans we hold our 3 fingers together, another sign of the trinity.

It in itself is a prayer as we acknowledge the One God in Three persons.

The Trinity is a mystery. We can't explain it, however, it is our faith and we believe in the Trinity God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. AMEN!

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The Coverup

Fr. Stephanos has uncovered a conspiracy!!! Well Jimmy Akin showed me, so I'm showing you.


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