Logos Bible Software Givaway

Logos Bible Software is giving away a ton of great items! ($11,000 worth!)
Check it out:

They've also added some Catholic material recently (though I'd love Ignatius titles to port over... Think Scott Hahn):
Logos Bible Software for Catholics

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Back at it... again

Ok, I'm PO'd because of the Bills last night, so that gave me the motivation to work out tonight. I'm back using My Fitness Coach for Wii. I really like it. I'm not thrilled that it thinks I only burned 125 calories, as I was working my butt off for 30 minutes, but what are you going to do? Something is better than nothing.

I haven't decided if I'll run tomorrow or not. It depends on if I can go up to bed NOW! My biggest challenge with running is getting to bed early enough the night before. My wife hasn't been able to run because our 7 week old doesn't let her sleep through the night, and I admit, I'm not really being a big help when he gets cranky overnight.

But we have our challenge, to run a 5K. To get into shape and live healthier. Wish us luck, and pray for me, that I am selfless enough give her every opportunity I think I deserve to find the time to exercise. I can be extremely selfish that way.

I'll keep you posted.

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