God and Survivor

Watching the finale of Survivor last night 2 things stood out to me.

First of all, Boo in his questioning of the final 3 addressed Dreamz and his Christianity. After Dreamz had accepted the truck from Yau-man Dreamz "promised to God" that he would give immunity to Yau. Wether or not Boo remembered that I don't know, but at the final tribal council he asked Dreamz 'as a Christian' wether or not he was playing Yau from the outset. Dreamz said he was. Boo said, “I still believe in you, but I still believe you’re an immature Christian, and I hope that one day, you will be a strong Christian man and be able to tell the devil, ‘Dangle all the money you want in front of me; this Christian is not for sale.’”

Props to Boo for bringing up his faith!

Secondly after Earl had won, and they were re-hashing the Dreamz betrayal, I noticed quite the groan and gasp from the audience when Dreamz said, I swear to God."

I can understand why people would gasp at such a comment, but I can harldy imagine that everyone who has gasped has never sworn to God and broken that promise. I wish Dreamz would have apologized for breaking a promise to God. However he didn't and like so many of us we make false promises and use God's name in vain all too often, wether we think we're good people of faith or not. We live in such a backward country. We have abortion on demand, pronography, povery all around us and yet we have the nerve to be 'shocked' when someone else breaks a promise to God. We need less pride in this world and more humility.

In the end Earl won and I was happy beacuse I liked Earl. We won without any backstabbing or trickery. Just one strategic move after another. I wish Yau would have won, but maybe on a all stars we'll get another opportunity.

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Great News

500 priests will be ordained this year.


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