Give me something... Anything

In yesterday's gospel reading the story of the feeding of the 5000 was told. Yet it was like hearing it for the first time.

Jesus asks, "Jesus said to Philip, “How are we to buy bread, so that these people may eat?” This he said to test him, for he himself knew what he would do.

Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother, said to him, “There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what are they among so many?”

How foolish must Andrew have felt? To give Jesus 5 loaves and 2 fish for over 10,000 people? But this is what Jesus wants. It is what Jesus asks of you and me. "Give me something. Anything! No matter how big or small." And look what Jesus did with only a few loaves. Jesus will do that for you and me if only we give something to Him first.

Jesus doesn't ask much of us, but with a little faith and love even the smallest of offerings to our Lord can be made into something we could not even imagine.

Right after this passage in John, Jesus teaches that He is the Bread of Life. And that we must eat His flesh and drink His blood. He's speaking of course about the Eucharist. And he just showed us that he could feed the multitudes from one offering. He does the same for you and me at every Mass.

In Mark and Luke, Jesus commands that he multitudes sit in hundreds and fifties. Little communites representing the future Churches that would all be fed by the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist.

Believe in the Eucharist. Jesus said, This is my Body, This is my Blood. It's so easy to see what Jesus the Lamb of God is doing by giving us himself as the Passover sacrifice.

Man fell because he ate bad food. Jesus is the good food, the Bread of Life.

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My Wiki

For those of you who frequent the site. (All 2 of you) ;) I have created a wiki site on

Goto to check it out and feel free to put anything you want on there. The mainpurpose of the wiki is for personal commentary and reflections and even essays if you want. Anyone is free to post and you don't have to sign up for anything. Instructions forhow to usethe site are on the main page.

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For Thine is the Kingdom

I was listening to a Scott Hahn talk, and he mentioned, "For Thine is the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory" part of the Our Father. Something which outside of Mass, Catholics usually don't pray. However mnay protestants do.

The epilogue is actually not scriptural. It is not found in any early copy of Matthew or Luke. It was added to later versions.

I just thought it was an interesting example of Catholics relying on Scripture and prtestants relying on tradition.

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For the sake of His sorrowful Passion...

Have Mercy on us and on the whole world.

"Jesus, I trust in You."

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Happy Birthday Mother Angelica

EWTN has touched my life so much.

She had $200. Look at it now! And who says you can't move mountains?

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Divine Mercy

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday

Know your ABCs:
A — Ask for His Mercy. God wants us to approach
Him in prayer constantly, repenting of our sins and
asking Him to pour His mercy out upon us and upon
the whole world.

B — Be merciful. God wants us to receive His mercy
and let it flow through us to others. He wants us to
extend love and forgiveness to others just as He does
to us.

C — Completely trust in Jesus. God wants us to know
that the graces of His mercy are dependent upon our
trust. The more we trust in Jesus, the more we will


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Christos voskrese!!!

Christos voskrese iz mertvych, smertiju smert poprav, I suscym vo hrob'ich zivot daravav.

Christ is risen from the dead, conquering death by death and to those in the grave bestowing life. And He gave us eternal life, let us bow before His third day resurection!

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Catholic baseball star credits God, church for not striking out in life


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I am Peter!

You are...Peter. Strong, intelligent, and ready for adventure, you are secure enough to admit when you need help or advice. You lead by example, not command.

Which Narnia character are you?

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Palm Sunday

Check out the Curt Jester's Palm Sunday Post!

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San Xavier del Bac Mission

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Some pictures I took of the San Xavier del Bac Mission outside of Tuscon, Arizona.

Check out the website!

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The Gospel of Judas

You may begin seeing "The Gospel of Judas" programs begin to pop up. It's validity has yet to be determined but it is a Gnostic Gospel.

The Gnostics believed that the world is evil and they seek the pursuit of mysticism or "special knowledge" (gnosis) as the central goal of life. They feel they are the only ones who know the "truth". The Gospel of Judas supposedly shows that Judas knew this truth and thus knew he had to have Jesus killed.

Zenit has put up an interview with a theologan about it.

Get the Interview Here!

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Ride Captain Ride!

Updated Link, Sorry!!

Check this out and Ride Captain Ride!

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Opening Day

Something always gets me emotional and super excited about opening day. I don't know what it is exactly, but I always look forward to this day every year. It truly is one of the best days of the year.

I got to thinking a little bit though on the way home from work, "What role do sports play in life"? After 9/11 it was pretty clear that sports aren't important. Baseball took a few weeks off and it was somber for the remainder of the season. But it is such a big part of not only the US, but around the world.

I recall Spring Training 2 years ago. I went to a game and remember getting someone's autograph (I have the autograph, but couldn't tell you who it is. Someone who played for the Devil Rays). Anyway he was trying to tell these 12 and 14 year old brothers who were Jewish, about Jesus. You could tell he loved the Lord. And I think that that's where sports and religion can cross and mix. Sports stars are role models. They need to set an example for all of their fans. This particular played spoke about his gifts from God, and how God has given us all gifts, some big, some small. Now maybe talking about Jesus to Jewish children went a little too far, but the fact that I remember it makes be believ that others who were with me do too. This was before my reversion so I didn't really speak with him about religion at all, I just wished him a good season.

As I got closer to home the lineups were read from the radio announcer, and I just got giddy for a few minutes. I can't really tell you why. I just love this time of year. It's a time when we can forget about the past and look to the future. Kind of like this Lenten season. We can forget our sins of the past, and look to the cross, where Jesus died for them. Don't ever forget that. That is why we have so much hope. Jesus hanging on the cross.

I'm sure God likes sport. He has given these gifts to His people, and this is their stage to use their talents. Pray for athletes. Pray that they will be good role models for our cihldren. Pray that they will not be greedy with the money they make and that they may give to those less fortunate.

As I get ready for bed, my Yankees are up 12-1. Hopefully a sign of things to come. Let us remember Jesus however is undefeated. And we know who will win this game of good vs. evil.

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