Weekly wisdom

I have been enjoying Father Corapi's weekly wisdom. If you haven't heard, Fr Corapi is doing a weekly show on his web site for about $10 bucks a month you get the weekly broadcasts. This week Fr spoke about the truth. And at the end he mentioned a doctor who asked him if he could prescribe birth control. Fr. said no. Then he told the story of a couple who were both pharmacists who owened their own pharmacy and after listening to Fr. Corapi realized they could no longer sell OCs. Well there was outrage and protests. But then some of the local Protestant churches started preaching that these people were doing what they thought was right and finally the Carholic churches got behind them as well. Well, they ended up having to open 2 more stores because of the response. God blessed them for their faith. I have heard this story before and have often felt god wanting me to open my own pharmacy. I've been afraid because I know nothing of owning my own store and to be honest I am afraid as well. I have had a friend who recently opened a store but I also recently took a job at the VA pharmacy. This job has minimal exposure to dispensing OCs and the other people I work with know where I stand and take care of those orders for me.

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