Undermining the churches

"Birth control appeals to the advanced radical because it is
calculated to undermine the authority of the Christian Churches. I
look forward to seeing humanity free of the tyranny of
Christianity..." - Margaret Sanger

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2010 March for Life

When my brother Andy took an internship in Washington DC, I knew that I had to attend the March for Life. I had no excuse now.

Leading up to the event, I had looked online and really didn't see much of a schedule other than it started at noon. Thanks to Fr. Frank Pavone and Priest's for Life who sent me an email which mentioned a Vigil Mass for Life at the National Basilica on Thursday night at 6:30. So my plan was to go to mass on Thursday and the march on Friday.

So I left upstate NY at 6:30am and for into Washington around 1:00pm on Thursday. Andy took me to Ben's Chili Bowl for lunch (a favorite of Bill Cosby apparently) and we had a great meal. Then we went back to his apartment and I got a little rest and Andy was gracious enough to decide to join me at mass.

I wasn't sure how packed it would be because I knew a lot of buses left early Friday morning for the march. We got the the Basilica at ~5:45 and it was kind of quiet outside and we saw that the bookstore was open, so we went in for a bit. Then we proceeded up into the church and it was PACKED!!! I've put a circle on the pic below. We were standing in the hall behind that pillar. We did have a view of the altar so that was good, but we had to stand the whole time. I had guessed that the mass would be about 2 hours long. Well after a 30 minute procession, I knew it would be a little longer than that.

The mass was wonderful (see previous blog post about how I felt). Great sermon by Cardinal Dinardo, and a wonderful atmosphere.

What I did not realize ahead of time is that there was a Vigil (I thought Vigil meant simply a mass on the night before...) all night long at the Basilica. Next year I will plan on spending a few hours in prayer after the mass.

On Friday I slept in a little and put on my under armour and layers and headed out around 10:30 toward the mall. I passed a church, not one block away from my brother's and was going to see if it were a Catholic church and stop in for a quick prayer. Well turns out it was! And they had just begun mass! There was either one or two big groups there, so I stood in the back and enjoyed mass. Because of the mass I was 30 minutes late in meeting up with a friend who lives close by and was going to attend the march with me. But we made it to the mall around 11:45 and got a good spot to the right of the media tent.

As for the content, it is pretty much expected. I was disappointed that there was so much cheering for Massachusetts, but not one person mentioned that Scott Brown is in fact pro-choice. Granted he was the lesser of two evils and his election did stop the pro-abortion healthcare bill from passing, but I don't think we need to cheer him as much as we did. In Mass he was elected more for his being anti-government and anti-Obama not for his being pro-life. God does work in mysterious ways.
It was nice to see so many people from around the country. I was next to a bunch of people from Kansas and Ohio. It was also nice to see a nice big sign from the Diocese of Buffalo.

After the rally my friend left and I marched along side a religious who was saying a rosary which was nice. There were pro-lifer's along the side of Constitution ave and a huge display from the Genocide Awareness Project with abortion pictures. I think these should be displayed, it's hard to deny that even though the baby is as small as a coin, he is still recognizable as a human being. Seeing these made me very sad that there is really little that I have done for this cause.

Up by the Capitol I met Andy who had gotten out of work and we made our way in front of the Supreme Court. He had gone there earlier and saw some pro-choice folks but by the time we got there there were too many pro-lifers. I saw 4 "Keep Abortion Legal" signs, but could not hear what they were saying if anything. By my estimation the pro-life group outnumbered them 350,000 - 12.

We then walked back toward the mall (as we had tickets to go up the Washington Monument) and there were still people making their was up Constitution Ave.

Now for my thoughts about the experience. I was very encouraged by the number of young people that were there, especially high schoolers. The pro-life movement will be strong in the years to come. I was also moved by the unity. It was clearly a mostly Catholic crowd. There was no doubt about that. Yet there were Anglicans for Life and Jews for Life that were also present (in the crowd and on stage at the rally).

What I took home from this was something unexpected. As I moved through the crown (not being tied to any group) I realized that the whole pro-life movement is about protecting and recognizing the rights and dignity of every human being. From conception to natural death. Yet for me personally, I get so annoyed with people. Stupid drivers on the road, people who throw trash on the ground, and worse yet I can be so judgmental when it comes to someone like a child abuser. Yet what we are called to is to respect EVERYONE's dignity. This event will make me look at everyone differently. I'm convinced a child in the womb needed my love, but I didn't realize that there were others that I wasn't loving.

Overall it was a fast trip for me. I'm tired, but I wanted to write this before I forgot. I hope some of my family and friends will be willing to join me next year. I'll also plan on spending more time after mass at the Basilica for the Vigil for Life.

Small bit of annoyance which I'll mention just to vent. I decided against bringing a camera 1) because I didn't want to lug around an SLR and 2) because I had my phone on me. Well my not-so-trusty old iPhone (2G) kept restarting on me and I couldn't do much. I snuck in a Facebook post and a tweet, and got 2 pictures, but that's it. I had to call my brother from my friend's phone to tell him where I'd meet him. I really hate Apple for making a product that lasted ~2.5 years, forcing me to upgrade.

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Vigil Mass for Life

Tonight I went to the vigil mass for life at the National Basilica of
the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. My brother was kind enough
to tag along.

There is something about a mass with thousands of people that make it
extraordinary. You can almost feel the Holy Spirit.

I admit when I go to church at home I can get annoyed by the slightest
thing out of place. Like someone chatting while I'm praying. However I
don't feel that way during a huge mass like this. All of my prejudices
seem to vanish and I simply fall in love with the Church and it's
universality. It's amazing that thousands show up for mass and receive
Jesus. And even more will be at the March tomorrow and tonight got me
very excited.

Not so much excited that other people who share my pro-life views will
be marching with me. Rather that we can stand together united with God
and his love for us all. From the smallest and most innocent to the
worst sinner imaginable, God loves us all. I'm not here because of
politics. I'm here because of my faith.

Thank you Lord that we live in a country where we can assemble,
thousands strong in the name of Jesus and receive Him in the
Eucharist. I know that I am weak. I hope that if I had lived in time
like that around the time of Christ that I'd be willing to give up my
life for Him. Like we heard about St. Agnes today. How she loved
Christ more than her own life. That's what we are called to. Yet these
freedoms we have we take for granted and get soft. We forget what's
important and Roe v. Wade happens right under our noses.

Tomorrow we'll stand together for what is right. Not because we think
its right but because it is the truth. We will stand up for those who
have no voice.

Two ways are set before you oh man. Life and death. Choose life.

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Nick's 2009 Christmas Album

Andy gave his list of 2009 favorite Christmas songs, so I'll do the same.

1. O Holy Night - Josh Groban
This is my favorite Christmas song and Josh Groban's recording is currently my favorite. I wish I could sing this like he does.

2. Go Tell It On The Mountain - James Taylor
His style really shines through in this great song.

3. The Christmas Can-Can - Straight No Chaser
I, like most people, fell in love with SNC after their 12 Days Of Christmas video that went viral a few years ago. This song of their 2009 album Christmas Cheers is very funny and pokes fun at everything that Christmas shouldn't be about.

4. The Prince of Peace - Trans Siberian Orchestra
Not the kind of song you expect of when you think of TSO. The album version of this song is good. But when I heard it live by a man (very likely the one in the video below) it blew me away.

6. Jesus, Light of the World - Third Day
Christmas Offerings is my current favorite Christmas album and has been for a few years now. Every song is great, and the originals are as well. I also love their version of O Come All Ye Faithful.

7. Jingle Bells - Frank Sinatra
I love this s-o-n-g. I don't know why, but sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. Sinatra's Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas is an all time favorite as well, but my girls love this one.

8. Linus and Lucy - Vince Guaraldi
It would not be the Christmas season without this classic TV show. Though the whole album is fantastic.

9. Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow! - Dean Martin
I remember starting to listen to Dean Martin in college and didn't associate this song with him until Andy took be to a Bills game against Miami in December and it did what it was supposed to and started snowing and they played this song. I'll never forget that game. Ricky Williams ran for 200 yards, but the Bills won led by their then hero Drew Bledsoe.

10. Jesus Child - Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
Sing Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Jesus Child is born today! Can't get out of my head. Timeless Christmas is a decent album if you like the big band-swing style.

11. Winter Wonderland - Harry Connick Jr.
An awesome solo piano instrumental from the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack.

12. The Spirit of Christmas - Ray Charles
It's probably best known for it's appearance in Christmas Vacation, when Clark is locked in the attic watching old movies. One line though baffles me: "I was sitting by the fireside, taking a walk through the snow."

13. Silent Night - Josh Groban
Nice and simple. Simply beautiful.

If you read this, post your favorite songs for this Christmas Season!

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After recounting the many blessings of the previous year, President Lincoln petitioned his countrymen: "I do therefore invite my fellow citizens in every part of the United States, and also those who are at sea and those who are sojourning in foreign lands, to set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next, as a day of Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in the Heavens."

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Planned Parenthood Director Quits and Joins Pro Life movement

Abby left after watching a fetus "crumble" while being sucked out of
his mother's uterus.

Leading up to this was the increased pressure not to 'plan' families,
rather to make more money by performing more abortions.


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Boo-urns Simpsons

So I heard that Marge Simpson will be 'posing' for an upcoming issue of Playboy. That sucks because I like the Simpsons, but this is not a good decision. Admittedly Playboy says they are trying to lure in younger readers; and the Simpsons claim it's to promote their 20th anniversary. Young men (and women) do not need to begin to look at porn which is addictive and usually demeans women. This gives them an opportunity to be reeled in. It's a shame.

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Logos Bible Software Givaway Continues

Check it out and enter for October!


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Logos Bible Software Givaway

Logos Bible Software is giving away a ton of great items! ($11,000 worth!)
Check it out:

They've also added some Catholic material recently (though I'd love Ignatius titles to port over... Think Scott Hahn):
Logos Bible Software for Catholics

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Back at it... again

Ok, I'm PO'd because of the Bills last night, so that gave me the motivation to work out tonight. I'm back using My Fitness Coach for Wii. I really like it. I'm not thrilled that it thinks I only burned 125 calories, as I was working my butt off for 30 minutes, but what are you going to do? Something is better than nothing.

I haven't decided if I'll run tomorrow or not. It depends on if I can go up to bed NOW! My biggest challenge with running is getting to bed early enough the night before. My wife hasn't been able to run because our 7 week old doesn't let her sleep through the night, and I admit, I'm not really being a big help when he gets cranky overnight.

But we have our challenge, to run a 5K. To get into shape and live healthier. Wish us luck, and pray for me, that I am selfless enough give her every opportunity I think I deserve to find the time to exercise. I can be extremely selfish that way.

I'll keep you posted.

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