Vigil Mass for Life

Tonight I went to the vigil mass for life at the National Basilica of
the Immaculate Conception in Washington DC. My brother was kind enough
to tag along.

There is something about a mass with thousands of people that make it
extraordinary. You can almost feel the Holy Spirit.

I admit when I go to church at home I can get annoyed by the slightest
thing out of place. Like someone chatting while I'm praying. However I
don't feel that way during a huge mass like this. All of my prejudices
seem to vanish and I simply fall in love with the Church and it's
universality. It's amazing that thousands show up for mass and receive
Jesus. And even more will be at the March tomorrow and tonight got me
very excited.

Not so much excited that other people who share my pro-life views will
be marching with me. Rather that we can stand together united with God
and his love for us all. From the smallest and most innocent to the
worst sinner imaginable, God loves us all. I'm not here because of
politics. I'm here because of my faith.

Thank you Lord that we live in a country where we can assemble,
thousands strong in the name of Jesus and receive Him in the
Eucharist. I know that I am weak. I hope that if I had lived in time
like that around the time of Christ that I'd be willing to give up my
life for Him. Like we heard about St. Agnes today. How she loved
Christ more than her own life. That's what we are called to. Yet these
freedoms we have we take for granted and get soft. We forget what's
important and Roe v. Wade happens right under our noses.

Tomorrow we'll stand together for what is right. Not because we think
its right but because it is the truth. We will stand up for those who
have no voice.

Two ways are set before you oh man. Life and death. Choose life.

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