I am Peter!

You are...Peter. Strong, intelligent, and ready for adventure, you are secure enough to admit when you need help or advice. You lead by example, not command.

Which Narnia character are you?

Posted bypiscotikus at 11:47 PM  


Andy said... 10:13 AM  

I am...Trumpkin.

LOL. Not quite sure how they got the following based on the questions asked...but ok..lol:

Logical and pragmatic, you have both feel firmly planted on the ground and don't waste time on spiritual or mysterious matters. You believe in the Here and Now. You are not afraid to make hard choices, or even sacrifice your own well-being, if that is the best course of action. You can be suspicious of others, but once your trust has been earned, it is absolute and unwavering.

Audrey said... 2:32 AM  

I wonder who's Azlan... :)

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