Would I be a martyr?

Sometimes I take things for granted. A lot of the time actually. But this week we had the feast days of some martyrs, Justin and Charles Lwanga, and a quick homily by the Chaplain where I work gave me something to think about.

He was talking about how Justin simply said no to burning an offering to an idol. He stood his ground and it appeared to be so easy for him to simply be martyred than to betray God. Wow! Stop and think about that.

Then the priest mentioned Dr. Tiller and asked the question, "Where was his pastor?" How come no one at his church questioned his being an usher? The man who personally killed babies for a living was allowed to be an usher in his parish? Why? Why did no one question him? Look how easy it was for St Justin to stand up for his faith, why didn't anyone in his parish?

Yes we need to set a good example, but we are in times were something needs to be said. We cannot be silent anymore.

So then I thought about myself. It's not easy being a Catholic and a pharmacist. I rationalize things all the time. I have stood up more and more for my faith, but if push comes to shove would I allow myself to be fired? Is my job more important than my faith? Is my life? Didn't Jesus die for me?

How about you? Would you die for Christ?

He died for you.

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