Couch to 5K Week 3 Complete

Some of you may know that I have been starting to run a little every
week. It started as a friendly bet with my wife one afternoon when she
mentioned wanting granite countertops. I said "If you can beat me in a
5K then I'll buy you granite countertops."

Me and my big mouth.

So I started Couch to 5K program. I had been
doing some exercise recently in the form of Wii's My Fitness Coach
which is a great 'game'. So when I started running it was easier than
last summer.

Well now I've completed 3 weeks and tomorrow or Monday (depending on
if the baby decides to be born or not) I take a stab at week 4. Which
to me looks daunting. I have to jog 3 minutes then 5 minutes and
repeat. Up until now I've only had to jog 3 minutes max. I'm a little
nervous. It also probably doesn't help that I've been eating like crap
lately either.

Oh, what's that? Yes. I did start while my wife was pregnant. Is it
fair? No probably not, but I have my excuses. Maybe I'll share them
later. Until then we're still waiting on baby #3. That's more
important than anything else right now.

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Africa! Or so my 2 year old says. Quite cute. If I have time later
I'll write about the "chip".

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Help Priests for Life

Read and act to keep abortion out of any health care reform bill.

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Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly

I recently finished Matthew Kelly's book Building Better Families. Matthew is not yet married (though engaged last I read in a newletter; sorry ladies) so his view of family function or dysfunction in today's world is different than the view that a seasoned parent's view might be.

The message in Building Better Families really is no different from any other Matthew Kelly book. If you've not read Matthew Kelly, then I encourage you to pick up The Rhythm of Life. His main message is that we need to become the best-version-of-ourself. In Building Better Families, Kelly applies this principle to our children. Do we as parents try and better ourselves? If not, our children will see that and do the same. Do we want the best for our children? Sure, what parent does not? Yet time and time again, as Kelly points out, that is not how we raise our children.

Raising children is hard enough. Doing it in this culture of consumerism and immorality is even harder. Kelly challenged me by bringing up the issues we face in this culture. More specifically the barage of filth that is flung at our children. I  hope to be a better dad because of what has been shown to me. I recommend you read Building Better Families and become a better parent.

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