J Mac

For those of you who haven't heard about Jason McElwain, I encourage you to view the video in THIS LINK.

Athena's run ended last night, and we probably won't hear about J Mac for a while. But his story teaches us about the value of life, and how no matter how different you may be, if you have your chance you have to take it. J Mac had one chance and made the best of it, and one could wonder why the coach didn't put him on the team.

Basically, God created us all differently. We each have our talents and have to make the best of them. We may only get one chance to do something. We need to make the most of it when that chance comes along, because it may never come along again.

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Andy said... 7:39 AM  

Great Story, and right in your back yard! Maybe someday A.J. will be playing basketball there!

Captoe said... 11:36 PM  

Wonderful story.

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