I just got my RSV-2CE in the mail yesterday!!! Only $25 from Amazon. Not a bad deal. It's leather bound, but best of all it's the latest version of the Bible from Ignatius press!

RSV-2CE is The Revised Standard Version, 2nd Catholic Edition. The Catholic edition simply contains the 7 books omitted by most Protestant Bibles. The 2nd edition "revises archaic language of the first edition, but avoids dumbing-down the text." Surely to be a good read!

I've already moved my bookmarks! But the only problem with a new Bible is the fact that all of your markings are in the old one... so I may have to do some searching in the future.

My only problem with this version is that there is still very little margin room for notes. This is something that I hoped they would address. But with my Logos software, I may begin using that to study and keep notes. I just need them to release RSV2CE for Libronix!

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