Rack Shack and Benny

On February 24th, Andy had his debut concert playing lead guitar and vocal for Rack Shack and Benny. The first ever Cafe Yahweh coffee hour was definitely a hit for all who attended. The crowd of roughly 40 people were in a state of schock and laughter as 3 Elvis masked band members took the stage and played a spoof of Heartbreak Hotel to begin the night. When unmasked, drummer Mark told the audience that sometimes we all wear masks and we need not hide behind a mask, and that Jesus was our true king.

The band then played many Christian renditions of songs from the Beatles, George Harrison, Johnny Rivers and more.

All in all it was a great night of fellowship and good music by 3 bad musicians. Just kidding. Luis was awesome on the bass, Andy was great on guitar and Mark was a good drummer. We shall see who Cafe Yahweh brings in this month and if they can't find anyone, maybe Rack Shack and Benny will have to make a second appearance. Posted by Picasa

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Thanks for the good review!!!

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