What did you give up for lent?

Marchelino D'Ambrisio has a nice little article about Abraham willing to offer his son Isaac to God. It makes candy and video games seem like nothing.

He goes on to say that God gave up His Son for us. We should keep that in mind this lenten season.

Get the story.

On another note, I've been praying the Stations of the Cross this lent. It's sometihng I haven't done since grade school, but it's something that really moves me. To walk with Jesus along the road toward Calvary is truly amazing. He knew, just as we do, where he was going and what was happening. To contemplate and pray about His sentencing, His falls, His help along the way kind of reflects our own lives. It really gave me perspective this evening as to what 'carrying my cross' means. It means little things. All too often I wondered what crosses I should bear. But it really is little things that are the crosses God gives us day in and day out. Today for me it was the little boy 2 pews in front of me running back and forth. It was cooking dinner for my wife. It was filing my taxes. Everything we do we should offer to God as a cross we bear for Him. Especially our sufferings, which we unite with the crucified Jesus.

Pray the Stations, at least once this lent. Concentrate on each step of Jesus's path. It will open your eyes.

In Christ...

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